About Stonesthrow Guesthouse

About Pics

Stonesthrow Guesthouse is a two minute drive from Smithers in beautiful British Columbia. It is owned and operated by Jason, who is a long time residents of the Bulkley Valley and owns and operate with partners Local Supply co, a outdoor shop downtown.

Jason loves to meet new people and share with them the vast array of outdoor activities that the valley has to offer. The Bulkley Valley offers such activities as fishing, hunting, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, snowmobiling, kayaking and many more.

Jason works with local shop owners and restaurants to give guests the experience they want and deserve.

About Amenities

Full Kitchen
New Appliances
40 inch Flat Screen
Surround Sound
satellite TV
Electric & Wood Heat
Hemlock Plank Floors
Slate floors
Movie Collection
Board Game Collection
3 Bedrooms
New Queen Beds
Large Deck